The Natural Bond

I believe there is a natural bond between us all that is connected by our thoughts and intuitions placed in our minds by those close loved ones who have gone to another dimension. For example, I walked into a house to list it for sale and meeting the family for the first time, I felt their grief and pain instantly. The feeling of anguish was so strong, a tear rolled down my cheek as I told them I was so sorry for their loss. The husband and wife turned to each other, hugged and then turned to me. The wife told me that her son had just committed suicide and they were trying to recover from the devastating loss. Following my thoughts, I told her that her son was so sorry. He had no idea how much pain he was going to inflict when he made the decision to take his life. It seemed to help them tremendously. I put their rental property on the market and got a buyer within a week who just happened to come from their hometown in another part of the country and just so happened to have a son with the same name as their lost son. No coincidence! If our departed loved ones can help us from heaven, I believe they would… and I believe that they do!
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