A True Story About Spiritual Connection

A riveting and true account of a woman's miraculous experiences as she faces the tragedy of her mother's accident four days before Christmas. She reveals the proof that love is powerful, so powerful that it transcends death. Abundant evidence clearly provides the actual knowledge of soul survival and life beyond the grave. Suddenly heaven is not far away. You can relay similar experiences at www.nocoincidence.com. Together we can share a better understanding before we too pass over into eternity


An Inspirational book about a real connection between heaven and earth

Dad has been gone for more than ten years now, but I feel his love frequently as the days turn into years. On August 19 of this year, the anniversary of his death, I heard a loud thump in my bathroom. I ran to see what had caused the noise and to my amazement, there was an imprint in the center of the picture window. It looked just like an angel. I smiled and got my camera to validate the wonderful message from my father and mother in heaven.

Every morning when I would speak with my mother on the phone, her greeting would be "Good Morning Glory". When I bought a new house after her death, in the spring as I walked up the sidewalk, there were no flowers anywhere except for this morning glory. Could this be a sign from my mother in heaven?

Could this be a sign from my mother in heaven? This lovebird flew on my head and into my house on a wintery day in February within a week of my mother's death. I purchased another one because lovebirds don't like to be alone.